Monday, April 25, 2016

Reading Wrap-up Catalog Backlog

I have a confession to make. I have way more books than I will ever be able to read in my lifetime. And... I feel a little guilty about all those books that I won't ever get to read, so I've decided to start tackling the list and posting about it. I will say that reading through my backlog is daunting ... here's the proof:

See that... 5508... and I've still got a few thousand to import...

In the last couple of weeks, I've been reading through Jenika Snow's works. Not my favorite author, but great for quick reads. Though I do find that she tends to re-purpose "text chunks" from work to work (as in you'll read an almost identical passage in more than one book). They're not usually large chunks, just a paragraph here and there with a few nouns and expletives swapped out, but it still irks me a bit.

So far, in the last couple of weeks, I've read:

The Fighter's Girl by Jenika Snow
Zeke's Rule by Jenika Snow
Owned by the Bastard by Jenika Snow
Bent, Not Broken by Jenika Snow
Hard as Steel by Jenika Snow
Dead Bastard by Jenika Snow
Alpha's Darkling Bride by Linda Barlow
Zrakon's Bride by Linda Barlow
Zrakon's Curse by Linda Barlow

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