Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blast from the Past

Remember all those books you read as a kid? Not picture books or See Spot Run or even those beloved Golden Books, but the ones you read. Whether for entertainment or because you had to for school? Well, I'm on a quest to search out the ones I read (or can at least remember reading) and simply answer the question, "Would I read them again and why?"

I'll start with one that, for whatever reason, has been on my mind lately:

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell

I read this the summer after 5th grade. I remember that the "smart kids" in the academically gifted program made a big deal out of the fact they were reading it, and being the big reader I am, I got jealous. I made a point out of getting my parents to buy it so I could read it. I loved it and I think it is really the first book that I really "devoured" like I do with books now. It also started me on my Scott O'Dell kick.

Which leads me to the next book:

The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell

I read this one right after Island of the Blue Dolphins.  I wasn't as thrilled with this one. I've considered reading it with my son, but I don't know that I actually will.

And finally for today, one that I actually can't even remember the name of. I have googled and googled everything I could possibly think of to find it, but alas, I apparently disliked it so much that I have completely blocked out everything about it save a few details. I know the book was a biography of a man who lived through Apartheid in South Africa. I know I went to school with his nephew. And I also know that he later wrote another book, though I couldn't tell you the first thing about that one.

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