Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feature & Follow: Why I Love my Fave Genre

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This week's prompt:

10 Reasons why I love my favorite genre.

My Answer:

1. This:

2. And This:

3. And This:


   Kidding, but really, when almost every guy is described to look like that ^^, I mean, come on now, the mental image eye candy is totally worth all 10 spots!

4. I'm a hopeless romantic, always have been. Sure, I'm lots of other things... most notably the scary kid, so I guess:

5. Suspension of Disbelief:  I have a really hard time when out of the blue a story requires a sudden suspension of disbelief. I mean, really, a normal, average Joe is not going to find themselves in the middle of some mafia drug war or suddenly on the hit list of the world's greatest assassin--it's a huge issue for me when authors do those kinds of things. Well, the Paranormal part solves a lot of that for me. I'm already reading about vampires, witches, and werewolves, so as long as a character's not suddenly doing the tango when they've already admitted to not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time, my disbelief is already pretty well suspended.

6. Escape from reality: This kind of ties in with the last one. The fact that it's already so far removed from reality means that I get to enjoy it more and allows me ignore the real world for a while-- exactly what I'm intending to do when I'm reading. Historical, contemporary, or most of the others don't allow me the same level of escape.

7. To quote Angelina Jolie, "When other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a vampire." Seriously, though, reading paranormal romance is the next best thing to paranormal beings actually existing.

8. I get to enjoy my alpha males without the sheisty ego that usually comes along with them in the real world.

9. Go back to number 1 ;)

10. Because of quotes like this:

Your turn, what's your favorite genre? More importantly, why? And if you say "man candy," I want to see some pics!


  1. Great post--I find all of your reasons convincing. ;) And I adore the Angelina Jolie quote. Didn't she used to wear a vial of her boyfriend's blood around her neck, come to think of it?

    Following you back and looking forward to reading more posts!

    1. I think it was really just a locket that each of them had and they smeared a dot of their blood inside it. Can't remember exactly though. ;) Thanks for the follow!