Monday, June 27, 2016

Primal Partners by Hazel Hunter

Discretion advised: This book may be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18, due to mature themes, language and sexual content.

Title: Primal Partners
Author: Hazel Hunter
Series: Sanctuary Coven
Publication Date: Jun 2016
Publisher: Allure Press
Age Group: 18+
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 140
Format: ePub
Source: ARC
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As Heather considers the possibility of immortality, initiated by her lovers, the Magus Corps intrudes. Betrayed by the warlock who managed to infiltrate the coven, their location is no longer secret. Knowing full well that the Corps won’t tolerate rogues, hurried plans are made to relocate.

But the Templars close in as well. Centuries of searching has finally paid off for a cruel Temple Master who leads his army closer. Though he senses the Wiccans are within his reach, his success is guaranteed when he manages to capture their High Priestess, Heather’s sister.

    I'm not sure how I ended up reading this book without reading the previous three, but the beginning of the book definitely confused me a lot because of that. Luckily, I have read some of Hazel's other books from series set in the same world, so I was able to catch on pretty quickly. I DO NOT recommend reading this one without reading the first three! Beyond that (which is TOTALLY my fault!), this book was really enjoyable.

   To be completely honest, I was a little eeked out by the foursome action at first. Not for the reasons you would think... it was because Hazel's work is always extremely intimate and the sex scenes are so well written that I actually felt like a peeping Tom. It didn't take long though, before I was completely spellbound and racing to get to the next page.

   The characters are unique and have a lot of personality. I really love that none of them are perfect, they've all made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. The plot is fun and well-thought out, it doesn't take a backseat to the very erotic nature of the writing. I absolutely love her use and descriptions of magic--they actually make magic magical again! My only regret is that it ends on a cliffhanger, so now I have to wait for the next one.

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