Friday, March 31, 2017

Wyshea Shadows by Geoffrey Saign

Series: Divided Draghons

Publication Date: Dec 2016
Publisher: Kiraku Press
Age Group:YA
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 285 pages
Format: epub
Source: Review Copy
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A hundred-year-war that won’t end…
Three young women sworn to kill each other…
Famere, the wyshea butcher, seeks vengeance with loyal mythic beasts called shadows,
Jennelle, commander of the Northerners, fights for her people’s survival using brilliant strategies, &Camette, a wild divided draghon, searches for her kidnapped lover…
Famere, Jennelle, and Camette must discover who is friend or enemy, who is responsible for the hundred-year dark sky and death mists, and if the men they adore will still love them.

There's really not much I can say about this one without ruining the story for other readers. I can say it was extremely well written, character development was well thought out, and story development was on par with some of the greatest Fantasy epics ever written. The only issue with the writing that I found was that because of the shifting character perspective, it was, at the beginning of some sections, difficult to determine which character's lens the story was being told through. Once past the first sentence or two in any given section this was no longer a problem though, so definitely not a deal-breaker.

Mr. Saign has done remarkably well in his endeavor into epic fantasy. I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the series whenever it is released!

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