Review Policy

I am currently open to receiving ARCs and Review Copies of books. 

   I am open to accepting both physical books as well as ebooks (ePub, Kindle formats, and PDFs only). Sorry, I do not accept audiobooks. I love self-published work, however, I will refuse reviews of books that have clearly not been edited.

   I will only accept ARCs and review copies of books that I think I will enjoy. I reserve the right to refuse any review offer. Currently, I post my reviews to this blog, Goodreads, and Amazon; however, I am willing to post to other locations upon request. I also link to my reviews in the Facebook Group, Bookworm.

   When emailing me, please include a summary, release date (if it has not yet been released), and picture of the cover. Links to more information about the book are appreciated also. I will disclose the source of any book I review, be that purchased, gifted, provided by the author, ARCs or Review Copies, etc. I tend to group them in general categories, so the source will usually be listed simply as "Purchased" (paid for or freebies go in this category), "Netgalley," and ARC/Review Copy.

   I do not read or review books in the order in which I receive them; I read them according to various factors including, but not limited to: publication date (nearest release dates first), length of the work (depending on my current commitments), and how excited I am to read it.

   By accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read or reviewed immediately. I will do my best to read and review it in a timely manner, but understand that I have other commitments and reviews as well. If you are requesting the review within a specific time frame, please let me know in the email as that information will influence my decision. If you are requesting a pre-release review, I will try to ensure the review will post within the week prior to the release date.

   All reviews will be of my honest opinion and may contain negative comments regarding the work. Negative reviews are handled respectfully and I will NEVER attack an author in my reviews. I will not write a 5-star review simply because the book was provided to me for review.

Send me an email at!

Review System:

5 Stars: I loved it and will hound my friends and relatives until they go out and buy it for themselves.

4 Stars: This was a great book, I may have found some minor flaws or grammar issues.

3 Stars: I liked this book, though it was either not quite to my tastes or I found issues with the writing/editing that were distracting.

2 Stars: I didn’t really care for it, but someone else might; I probably found technical issues that were too distracting to overlook.

1 Star: I rarely rate things this low. Usually these are books that I find highly offensive, or are riddled with technical problems or plot holes.

DNF: I will not rate any book that I do not finish. I, personally, feel that it is unfair for me to rate something that I haven’t fully read, however, I will review what I have read and explain why I did not finish reading the book.

What I like to read:

I'm a devourer of books, and enjoy reading from a lot of different genres. That said, I absolutely adore anything Paranormal. However, I'm not really that fond of fae species as main characters. Or ghosts... especially anything containing sex with a ghost... yeah, um, I'll pass on that one.

I like anything YA and up. I am not, however, currently reading much NA. The market is flooded right now in the NA category with a lot of mediocre NA, so unless you're sure it's gonna rock my socks off, I'll pass.

  • Paranormal anything (romance, horror, fantasy, whatever)
  • Romance
  • Fighters
  • Dystopian
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Fantasy
  • Almost anything except what's listed below...
  • Nonfiction (okay, I don't dislike nonfiction, I just don't review it)
  • Poetry
  • Anything with ridiculous amounts of violence just for the sake of violence
  • Ghost sex (sorry, Patrick Swayze ;) ) 
  • Fairies as main characters